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b a y l s  &  k o is pleased to inform ALL Non-Profit Organisations that we offer FREE consultation services, FREE website revamps (given that you have a website already), FREE social media content, and handling of social media accounts. We believe it is important to give back to the community as much as possible so this is our gift to you. Kindly get in touch with us today and let's help you help others.

Which NPO's Qualify?

ALL South African Registered Non-Profit Organisations can reach out and qualify for this FREE service. We will do a website audit on your current website and advise you from there onwards. We work together with you to ensure we make your vision for your NPO a success, and we always want to make sure we meet the proper standards of our customers. From running fundraising campaigns to handling your social media, we do it all!

Does this sound like something your NPO will need? Contact us below and let's chat!

Current NPO's

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